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Frequently asked questions.

1What is “The Cofounder” magazine all about?
"The Cofounder" is India's first magazine exclusively for startups and entrepreneurship. We write about insider stories on successful startups, analysis on failed startups, news / updates, inspirational / motivational stories for entrepreneurs, investment reports, startups job offers and much more.
2Will the magazine be couriered to my address?
Yes. We will courier it to your address. (Additional shipping charges will be added based on location)
3How can I buy e-magazine?
E-Magazine will be launched soon. Follow us on social to get updates on e-magazine.
4 Do you have any other queries?
Leave us a message at
1 How can a startup / entrepreneur share our stories?
Write to us at or call us at +91 73075 90007.
2Do you have criteria for writing stories?
Yes. We will write a story only if we feel that it will inspire our readers. The selection of stories purely depend on our team.
3Do you charge us for writing our stories?
Yes. We do charge a nominal amount for writing. We also know that you are an early stage startup, so we dont charge the amount which you cannot afford. Write us at or call us at +91 73075 90007 for any queries.
4Am not successful entrepreneur, can I share my story?
Of course, you can. Only in startup world you can wear failure as badge of honour. If your story is inspiring and if it has something which our readers will benefit we will defientely write about it.

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